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Dr. Yvonne Fulbright discusses sexual dysfunction in women in this video. One of the things that she brings up is the issue of performance anxiety. When many of us think of this problem, we tend to assume it is more common in men. Not so. Women often fret about their own "performance", which is usually tied up with how they respond to their partner.

Women worry about whether or not they're going to have an orgasm; they worry if they are taking to long to have one, if they are pleasing their partners, if they smell okay, if they look okay. The list goes on and on....

Well, here's an interesting use for jizz besides baby making. Scientists have found that semen has anti-depressant properties. Sex researcher Gordon Gallup published a study in the Archives of Sexual Behavior that asserted that women who had regular contact with semen had lower rates of depression.

Gallup surveyed 293 women with the question of how often they had condomless sex, what contraception (if any) they used, and how long it had been since their last sexual encounter. Next, he administered a test to measure depression.

It's funny how when ever women push for equal treatment under the law some moron starts arguing that it's in our best interest to earn 79 cents for every dollar a man makes. They did this to stop the Equal Rights Amendment and to keep women out of higher paying male jobs. And they did this to stop women from voting. This vintage anti-suffrage ad is from 1915 and warns that the suffrage movement is a danger to women and Christian civilization. And to really inspire fear, the ad associates feminine voting with Socialism and (oddly) Mormonism. As Copyranter wryly notes, it also sounds suspiciously like "Tea Party wackos' description of Obama" too.

vintage anti-suffrage ad

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So, my tentative New Year's resolution is to get my hands out of my own pants and down someone else's.

I say tentative because I have been down the slippery path of online dating before - and I know what I'm in for. Nonetheless, I have decided to dust off my old profile and try this cyberdating thing once again. Maybe.

As you can see, I am rather conflicted about the whole thing. My experience with online dating has been a mixed bag. I have been on a few sites such as OKCupid and Yahoo Personals, but frankly my "best" experience has been with Match. And that is a highly qualified "best".

Kris Kristofferson circa 1971 (sigh). Now, he was a special kind of man candy. Of course, he is kind of old now, but still attractive. For those of you too young to remember, he wrote a number one song for Janis Joplin, the classic, Me and Bobby McGee. I read somewhere that she was his lover - lucky girl.

This guy was a total package: a Rhodes scholar to Oxford, an officer in the military, a Golden Gloves boxer, an actor, a musician, songwriter, a counter culture rebel who personified cool, and one of the inspirations for the movie Crazy Heart.  Plus, let's face it as a young man he was the epitome of square jawed, perfection. Wow.

kris kristofferson

romantic black couple
 I was on my back, splayed out like a slab of meat, wondering when this man was going to get out of my vagina. I’d never had anybody take this long... EVER! I probably shouldn’t have let him do this, but he seemed so calm and sure of his ability to perform, and me, lying there, trying to be accommodating, agreed. I agreed against my better judgement. I agreed even though it was my vagina at the business end of that lifeless probe.
The above quote is from Palesa's post at ArtCoition about a gynecological exam gone horribly wrong. She had allowed a male doctor to perform a pap smear on her in spite of the fact that she had never had one performed by a man and wasn't really that comfortable with the idea  Because of that teasing intro, I initially thought that the post would be about a bad sexual encounter. Frankly, I have had times when my vagina was on the "business" end of a really bad fuck that sounded pretty much like her pelvic exam.

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